The LCLJ1 is the latest generation of the LC series of ocean-bottom seismometers. This set up allows the data to be downloaded and QC’d quickly on recovery, so that the instrument can be re-deployed within a short time after recovery.

Physical Characteristics

Depth Rating: 5500 m

Deployment Weight: 180 kg

Release and Recovery Information

Release Mechanism: Acoustically activated burn wire

Anchor material: Steel or concrete

Location Equipment:
- Flag
- Xeos XMB-11K VHF Beacon
- Xeos XMF-11K Flasher Beacon

Electrical Characteristics

Power supply: Lithium Batteries

Endurance: 240 days

Recording Characteristics and Capabilities

The LJ1 is capable of sampling rates of up to 4 kHz on 4, 8 or 12 channels.


Geophone: Sercel L-28; Resonant frequency: 4.5 Hz

Hydrophone: Scorpion Oceanics Limited HTI-90-U; Frequency response: > 2 Hz

Assembled OBS in preparation for deployment

Recovered OBS

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