The LC2000 design, which all our instruments are based around is relatively compact and lightweight which, in turn makes them easy to handle on deck and ship by air if necessary to support a project at short notice. Their simple design, construction and light weight makes them easy to deploy from the smallest of sea-going vessels.

Turnaround time between deployments is minimal as data can be downloaded and the loggers reprogrammed without opening the pressure vessel; the recorded data can be translated to SEG-Y and provided to the clients within 30 minutes of recovery if shot times are available.

Physical Characteristics
Depth Rating: 6000m
Deployment weight: 120kg
Recovery weight: 80kg
Dimensions: c. 1m x 0.6m x 1m high
Release and Recovery Information
Release Mechanism: Acoustically activated burn wire
Anchor weight: 1m2 untreated steel grid
Location Equipment:
Novatech RF700-A VHF Radio Beacon
Novatech ST400-A Xenon Flasher

Electrical Characteristics
Power supply: Lithium Batteries
280 days @ 62.5 Hz
220 days @ 125 Hz
168 days @ 250 Hz
96 days @ 500 Hz

A clock back-up battery will allow the Seascan SISMTB temperature compensated time base to continue operating for up to 12 months after the main battery has expired.

Recording Characteristics
Number of channels:
16 @ 62.5 Hz
8 @ 125 Hz
4 @ 250 Hz
2 @ 500 Hz
1 @ 1 kHz

A/D conversion: 24bit
Nominal sensitivity: 0.858 uV/count

Geophone: Sercel L-22 2Hz Miniaturized Seismometer
9.13×10-7 mm/s/count

Hydrophone: High Tech HTI-90-U
57.9 uPa/count

Inside LC2000 Pressuer Vessel

Inside LC2000 Pressure Vessel

Deploying LC2000 Seismograph

Deploying LC2000 Seismograph

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