The first update to the LC2000 design, the L-22 2 Hz seismometer is replaced by a three L-28 4.5 Hz geophones mounted orthogonally in a gimballed package. This increases the weight, and therefore, the rise rate slightly.

Physical Characteristics
Depth Rating: 6000m
Deployment weight: 120kg
Recovery weight: 80kg
Dimensions: c. 1m x 0.6m x 1m high
Release and Recovery Information
Release Mechanism: Acoustically activated burn wire
Anchor weight: 1m2 untreated steel grid
Location Equipment:
Novatech RF700-A VHF Radio Beacon
Novatech ST400-A Xenon Flasher

Electrical Characteristics
Power supply: Lithium Batteries
140 days @ 62.5 Hz
110 days @ 125 Hz
84 days @ 250 Hz

A clock back-up battery will allow the Seascan SISMTB temperature compensated time base to continue operating for up to 12 months after the main battery has expired.

Recording Characteristics
Number of channels:
16 @ 62.5 Hz
8 @ 125 Hz
4 @ 250 Hz

A/D conversion: 24bit
Nominal sensitivity: 0.858 uV/count

Geophone: Sercel L-28 4.5Hz Geophone

Hydrophone: High Tech HTI-90-U
57.9 uPa/count

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