Active Seismic Acquisition
OBIC’s standard seismic instruments can record at up to 4kHz on 4-12 channels; recording from hydrophones and 3-component geophones. Typical experiments last from a few days to several months. The data can be downloaded and QC’d quickly so that the instrument can be ready for redeployment within an hour.
Deployment of an LC2000-4
Passive Seismic Acquisition
The seismic instruments can also be configured to record from differential pressure gauges for periods of up to 320 days.
Recovery of a long-deployment instrument
EM Acquisition
OBIC’s instruments can also be configured to record two orthogonal channels of horizontal electric field. The Ag-AgCl electrodes have a frequency range from 10-30Hz. Combined with a suitable source (also available through OBIC), this makes them capable of investigations to depths of several kilometers.
EM Acquisition Preparation
Survey Design
OBIC personnel have more than 60 years combined experience of survey design, execution and data analysis on continental margins and in the deep oceans. This experience is used to ensure optimised survey parameters to meet specific objectives.
Survey Design
Data Analysis
OBIC can provide a broad range of data format translation, processing, analysis, modelling and interpretation services tailored to specific requirements and time scales. Outputs include standard SEG or academic format datasets, 2D and 3D velocity and resistivity models, hypocentric location and spectral analysis.
Active source data from SO-198
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