Two-Channel Electric Field Receivers

The Consortium have modified the Scripps’ LC2000 to act as an ocean bottom electric field detector. An additional section of chassis has been added to accommodate the 12m dipole. Ag-AgCI electrode sensor made by AIS, and a SeaMap electric field amplifier has been added to the. data-logger to condition the signal before recording.

Tests are being conducted on combining both instrument types on the same platform allowing simultaneous recording of seismic and electric field data.

Physical Characteristics
Depth Rating: 6000m
Deployment weight: 120kg
Recovery weight: 80kg
Dimensions: c. 1m x 1m x 1.5m high (without arms)
Release and Recovery Information
Release Mechanism: Acoustically activated burn wire
Anchor weight: 1m2 concrete weight
Location Equipment:
Novatech RF700-A VHF Radio Beacon
Novatech ST400-A Xenon Flasher

Electrical Characteristics
Power supply: Lithium Batteries
76 days @ 62.5 Hz
60 days @ 125 Hz
45 days @ 250 Hz
26 days @ 500 Hz

A clock back-up battery will allow the Seascan SISMTB temperature compensated time base to continue operating for up to 12 months after the main battery has expired.

Recording Characteristics
Number of channels: 2

A/D conversion: 24bit

Two orthogonal dipoles 4 to 16 m in diameter.

Ag-AgCl electrolytic electrodes
Instrument noise floor: 1 nVm-1Hz-1/2

EM Receiver on Deck

EM Receiver on Deck

LC2000 EM Instrument

LC2000 EM Instrument

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